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Lip Blushing 101 Course: From Beginner to Pro
Lip Blushing 101 Course: From Beginner to Pro

Lip Blushing Course: From Beginner to Pro


This comprehensive course is designed for students with previous lip blushing experience, offering a unique opportunity for continuing education and skill refinement. Whether you're looking to build confidence in your existing expertise or seeking a solid foundation as a beginner, this program is tailored to your individual needs. I'm Carly Browness, your guide through every step, from advanced color selection and nuanced lip anatomy insights to precision application techniques. Join me in this transformative journey, and witness your skills and confidence reach new heights. With "Lip Blushing Mastery," you'll not only refine your craft but also gain valuable insights to thrive in the competitive world of beauty. Take the next step towards becoming a sought-after professional by enrolling in this course today.



What You Will Learn

  • Safety & Sanitation
  • Machine Techniques
  • Color Theory
  • Mapping and Shaping
  • Lip Neutralization
  • Station Set Up and Cleanup
  • Client Consult
  • Live Demo
  • Business 101

Your Journey Starts Now - 3 Steps To Success

  1. Secure Your Spot: Enroll in "Lip Blushing Mastery" to guarantee a comprehensive education in advanced lip blush application.
  2. Flexibility to Learn: Dive into expert-led training, tailored to your pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of every aspect of advanced lip blush application.
  3. Certification Unlocks Opportunities: Receive your certificate of completion and join the Lip Blush Mastery community, where ongoing support propels you into a fulfilling career.




Q: Why Choose Lip Blushing Mastery?
A: Lip blush procedures remain in high demand, with an average cost of $400-$800 per client. Elevate your skills for a six-figure income potential!
Q: Is Previous Experience Required?
A: While some previous lip blushing experience is recommended, this course is suitable for both experienced professionals looking to refine their skills and beginners seeking a solid foundation.
Q: Are Supplies Required?
A: No supplies are required to complete this training. However, optional supplies are recommended for those who wish to enhance their practical skills.
Q: Is a Specific License Needed?
A: No specific license is necessary for enrollment in our courses.

Upon Enrollment: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

  • Over 4 hours of advanced training
  • A certificate of completion
  • Access to the Lip Blush Mastery community
  • Professional feedback & support
  • Your online account provides convenient 24/7 access to all your courses in one place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ciara Leavitt

Whether you’re a brand new artist in the field or an experienced artist seeking continued education, this course is incredible. Carly covers everything Lip Blush A through Z. Technique, cross contamination, color theory, outline, how to manage your business, you name it, it’s all here. Artist life is busy. This online course is such a great option for full-time working moms just like me or anyone really! So informative and easy to follow. Beautiful, beautiful content. I highly recommend this course as well as NPCA for all your cosmetic tattooing course needs! So grateful for Carly and her expertise!

Janelle Sorensen
The best online lip blush course!

I took this course after taking a different online, and in person course and still wasn't feeling confident. Therefore I stopped offering this service. I'm so grateful for Carly and how thorough she is. I learned a ton and can't wait to get back into lip blushing again!

Riley Kimura
Carly really is the queen of lip blush!

I took Carly’s lip blush course: from beginner to pro and I have to say I gained so much knowledge and understanding of what lip blush really is, techniques, color theory and more!
I can truly say after completing this course I feel as ready as possible to start taking clients and creating quality work.
I highly recommend taking this course and starting your career!

Jennifer Lee McDougal

I took the Chromatic Chemistry Course & the amount of knowledge in a 20 minute video is unparalleled to what usual hours or days of tutorials contain. She breaks down the history, size & ingredients in when & how pigments are made. It makes me so very excited to learn more as I feel the retention of this information is primarily based upon Carly’s’ delivery as well as the quality of the course. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me on this journey to becoming the amazing lip blush artist I know I can be. 🫶🏻

Carly Is Awesome!

This is the best PMU course I have ever taken! Super in-depth and covers everything that you need to become a Lip Blushing Artist.