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Boho Baddie PMU Lip Blush Pigment
Boho Baddie PMU Lip Blush Pigment

Boho Baddie PMU Lip Blush Pigment


This cream color is unassuming yet impactful, reflective of her modesty and profound effect.

A Light from Within: She doesn't need the spotlight; her light comes from within, and she shares it generously.

Harmonious Enhancement: Much like this hue’s ability to enhance and harmonize with other colors without overshadowing them, she elevates others without ever seeking recognition or praise.

Key Features:

  • Unassuming yet Impactful Cream Color
  • Reflective of Modesty and Profound Effect
  • A Generous Sharing of Light
  • Harmonizes and Enhances Other Colors 

Elevate Your Artistry: With Modesty's Glow Cream Pigment, you can create looks that reflect the beauty of modesty and harmonious enhancement. Let your artistry shine and elevate others without seeking recognition. 

Illuminate your art with Modesty's Glow Cream Pigment. Get yours now and bring the beauty of modesty to your creations!

🇺🇸 Made In California